Where to Stomp Grapes in Napa Valley

Grape Stomping Napa - Get a shirt with stomping grapes footprints on it after you squish grapes with feet and allow it to dry while you taste wine in Napa Valley. Know where to go for your i love lucy style grape stomping in Napa Valley from The Taste SF San Francisco


Looking for a nostalgic grape stomping experience like "I Love Lucy" during your visit to Napa Valley this fall? Grape stomping is a great way to celebrate the harvest season and experience what foot treading grapes is like (there are wineries that still foot tread grapes, like one of our favorite Sonoma producers).

There is only one winery in Napa Valley that offers grape stomping every day throughout the harvest season. You'll be able to jump in a barrel of fresh grapes and get stomping! You can stomp with a glass of Chardonnay, Rose, or Zinfandel in hand, and leave your purple footprints on a white t-shirt to remember your experience. The winery also offers a tasting of three wines and a glass to take home.

Where do the grapes come from? We've always wondered, so we asked. The stomping grapes are real estate-grown grapes that aren't yet ready to make their debut in your bottle of Cabernet.



The Taste SF captures Grapes still on the vine in a vineyard in Napa Valley close to harvest season

Download your guide to grape stomping in Napa Valley to discover where you can experience this harvest tradition.

Get the answers to your questions, and find out what you should know before you go grape stomping in Napa Valley.


  1. We are a family of three and are intrested in grape stomping on Oct 21st. Please let me know if we need to make any reservations. Also what is the minimum age requirement.

  2. Hi,
    We are interested in grabbing stomping on September 1st. We have 13 people in our group can you please provide reservation details.

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