Watch These to Inspire Your Italian Vacation

The Taste SF recommends a Boat ride in Capri and the Amalfi Coast during your trip to Italy


Watching a movie set in Italy always gets us in the mood to plan a trip to Italy, to lounge on the Amalfi Coast, wander through Venice, or take a road trip across Tuscany. If you are looking for movies to inspire your next Italian vacation or a fun date night idea, here are a mix of classics and newer movies and shows to watch, including some of our readers’ recommendations. Pour yourself a glass of wine or make a bowl of pasta, and enjoy the show.

My Brilliant Friend

The Trip to Italy

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
(Episode 1)

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Tourist

Three Coins in a Fountain

Roman Holiday

Under the Tuscan Sun

The Godfather

Only You

It Started in Naples

Master of None
(Season 2)

Letters to Juliet

Eat, Pray Love

A Room with a View

Quantum of Solace

La Dolce Vita

Johnny Stecchino

My House in Umbria

Chef’s Table
(Volume 1, Massimo Bottura; Volume 4, Corrado Assnza; Volume 6, Dario Cecchini)

Ocean’s Twelve

The Italian Job

When in Rome

Casino Royale

Journey to Italy

Angels & Demons


The American

Just Married

A Bigger Splash