Olive Oil Pound Cake with Coffee Cream

This olive oil pound cake from pastry chef Catherine Schimenti is one of our favorite desserts. Based on her mother’s pound cake recipe, this olive oil cake is simple and decadent. It’s best served with a dollop of coffee-infused whipped cream. The olive oil cake has a subtle citrus flavor and is lighter than an a tradition olive... Continue Reading

Strawberry Vol-Au-Vent Dessert

strawberry vol-au-vent dessert
Vol-au-vent is a French food that is a small pastry shell filled with sweet or savory fillings. We’ve made savory vol-au-vents before, so we decided to try a sweet dessert vol-au-vent when we had extra puff-pastry. You can substitute other fruit if you prefer. Strawberry Vol-Au-Vent Dessert 1 Package of Puff-Pastry 1 egg Whipped cream Strawberries Preheat... Continue Reading