Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers day gift ideasWe are very fortunate that both of our mothers are great cooks, so our Mother’s Day gift ideas are usually food-related. Our go-to gifts for our mothers are usually cookbooks. Our mothers love books, and you can’t have too many of them! Check out these options that you can easily still get it in time! For Italian options, we like this, this, this, and this. We’re also excited about the new Spritz cocktail book. For French, we like this and this. For the baker, we like this. For vegetarians, vegetables, or fruit, we like this and this.

In addition to kitchen tools like a luxurious cooper core pan or a sharp new knife, we also like to get extra things that our moms might not always buy for themselves like pretty kitchen towels like these or candles for the kitchen. Interestingly, Clayton does not like the smell of food cooking, so we always have a nice candle in the kitchen. His favorite right now is this one. We also love this fig one from Diptyque, as well as this neroli (Italian orange) candle and this grapefruit candle. These clean scents remind us of summers in Italy.

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