Klosters Hotel Chesa Grischuna: Part 1

Chesa Grischuna Klosters Hotel in the snow near Davos Switzerland, a Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss


Hotel Chesa Grischuna is a Klosters institution. Opened in 1938 and designed by the same architect as the famous Chesa Veglia in St. Moritz, this charming property has been run by the Guler family since it opened.

We were fortunate enough to secure a three-night reservation in the hotel’s neighboring Chalet over the Christmas holiday on relatively short notice. Stepping through the doors of Chesa Grischuna is like stepping through a portal into a better time. Constructed almost entirely by local artisans, the entry and restaurants feature intricate woodwork and murals, as well as custom table linens and tableware.



The Taste SF stays at Chesa Grischuna Klosters Chalet Hotel near Davos Switzerland just across the street from the main hotel | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss
Chesa Grischuna's hotel guest book with Gene Kelly in Klosters near Davos Switzerland, a Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss

Look at historical hotel Chesa Grischuna's guest book filled with Hollywood movie stars like Audrey Hepburn in Klosters near Davos Switzerland, a Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss


We chose Chesa Grischuna on the recommendation of a friend and because of its storied history. Before we left, Marianne was kind enough to bring its notorious guest book out from safekeeping. As she flipped through the pages, Marianne explained that Chesa Grischuna became well-known as a favorite of American soldiers who could not leave Switzerland in World War II.

After the war, it’s notoriety grew among Hollywood celebrities, writers, and foreign leaders such as Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Gene Kelly, Anthony Perkins, Rex Harrison, William Wyler, Françoise Sagan, Deborah Kerr, Anthony Perkins, Renee Zellweger, Irwin Shaw, Peter Viertel, and John Irving.

Unlike nearby St. Moritz, Klosters is known for being understated and unpretentious. As Marianne explained, in St. Moritz, “you feel undressed if you’re not in a fur coat to the floor.” According to her, it’s not uncommon for modern day celebrities and royalty to visit Chesa Grischuna and when they do, “we recognize who they are and leave them alone. They’re on vacation.”


Chesa Grischuna's hotel restaurant in Klosters near Davos Switzerland, a Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss #restaurant

Chesa Grischuna's hotel guest book in Klosters Switzerland, a Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss
Strap on your skis on this bench at Chesa Grischuna Klosters Hotel near Davos Switzerland, Swiss ski resort | thetastesf.com #hotel #switzerland #swiss #ski


In addition to its storied past and rustic but charming rooms, Chesa Grischuna is also famous for its indoor bowling alley. The walls feature murals painted by a well-known Swiss children’s book artist. We did not get to see it as it was closed for a private event, but we imagine it to be a lot like Bemelmans at the Carlyle – but with bowling and fondue!

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