Charcuterie Lunch for Kids

Charcuterie lunch ideas for kids including cheese, crackers, grapes, and meats


Bonjour! It’s Elise from The Curiosity Project, and I’m here to talk about lunch. If you have a small person at home, you know the truth: lunchtimes can get pretty monotonous. I’m always hunting for ways to turn the mundane into an adventure, so today I’m sharing one idea for making lunchtime into a fun culinary event: the charcuterie lunch board!


Making Charcuterie lunch ideas for kids


You can gather the ingredients in advance and then let your helper arrange each element on the board. Kids love to use real, authentic things, so I let him use my smallest, Sam-sized wooden board. He also loves to use the cheese knives. The ones pictured are not sharp enough to be dangerous, but they do work: he can slice the cheese himself, which he loves to do. (Use your discretion with the knives! A small pastry cutter can also be a safe option.)


Add grapes to a Charcuterie lunch ideas for kidsMaking Sam's Charcuterie for Kids, The Curiosity Project Blog, The Taste SF


I try to keep a variety of ingredients on hand for fast charcuterie lunches: a variety of meats (salami, soppresata, proscuitto), hard cheese (Sam loves pecorino and grana padano), one soft or semi-soft cheese (brie, gouda), fresh fruits (grapes, berries), dried fruits, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, nuts (almonds, walnuts, pine nuts), and a crunchy grain to round it out (crostini or whole-grain crackers).


Make a Charcuterie lunch ideas for kids
Add fresh cracked pepper to a Charcuterie for Kids, The Curiosity Project Blog, The Taste SF
A Charcuterie board is a great cold lunch ideas for Kids, The Curiosity Project Blog, The Taste SF
Top your Charcuterie board with salt and pepper
The best Charcuterie healthy cold lunch ideas for kids, the curiosity project


Finish with freshly picked herbs from your herb garden, a tiny sprinkle of crunchy sea salt (Sam’s favorite part!), and a few grinds of black pepper. Now, dig in. Voila! Doesn’t that make lunchtime seem a bit more interesting?


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