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Italian Fish Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

Make this Italian bucatini and Fish Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes recipe from The Taste SF
We love to find seaside restaurants in Italy with catch-of-the-day platters filled with seafood – everything caught that morning. Make your decision quickly so you can get what you want. The platter is usually presented to other tables. Once that fish or the langoustines are gone, they’re gone. Waiters typically explain each type of fish.... Continue Reading

Romeo Hotel

Napoli is an ancient city and has several glamorous, historic luxury hotels on its beautiful seafront. If you like modern design, we’d suggest staying at the Romeo Hotel, a newer addition to the waterfront. With sleek interiors and luxurious touches around every corner, this ultra-modern hotel is the perfect contrast to the beautiful chaos... Continue Reading

Napa Valley Guide

Are you planning a vacation to Napa Valley this year? Know these 11 things before you go wine tasting. Get expert tips based on advice from locals and years of experience visiting Napa as a both a local and a tourist. You'll have a more enjoyable and relaxing vacation in wine country. 



Stemware perfected. This glass works for reds, whites, and sparkling. We didn't believe it until we tried it, and now it's the first one we reach for.

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