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Franklin Barbecue Beef Rib and Brisket Rub

Cooking Franklin Barbecue Brisket by Wyatt Mcspadden in Austin
Franklin Barbecue is the gold standard for barbecue in Austin. Hailed as the “best BBQ in the country” by Bon Appetit, “best barbecue joint” by Esquire Magazine, and awarded James Beard Best Chef… you get the idea. It’s good. Serving brisket, ribs, sausages, and turkey – you’ll spend hours waiting in line. It’s a commitment, and... Continue Reading

Napa Valley Guide

Are you planning a vacation to Napa Valley this year? Know these 11 things before you go wine tasting. Get expert tips based on advice from locals and years of experience visiting Napa as a both a local and a tourist. You'll have a more enjoyable and relaxing vacation in wine country. 




Stemware perfected. This glass works for reds, whites, and sparkling. We didn't believe it until we tried it, and now it's the first one we reach for.

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